P R O J E C T:  T R A S H I O N

Project: Trashion presents THE UNION, an upcoming premier eco-fashion exhibition led by students to approach and present sustainability issues in the fashion industry, in addition to the general waste we produce, through art, media and design. The exhibition is comprised of two segments, a fashion exhibition and a tradeshow. The fashion exhibition to showcase works of art that are made with the help of passionate and creative students. The tradeshow segment allows the engagement between leading advocators for sustainability in their respective rights industry to bring the public closer to their local activists and provide them with education, information and options on how an individual can contribute themselves to make a global impact with one small action at a time.

We strive to create a global impact by educating, engaging and creating a culture of sustainability, starting with our community. Our greatest challenges not only lies in creating a zero-waste, energy efficient and sustainable event, but to create a collaborative cooperation between established advocators to cultivate a sustainable culture in the community.


PROJECT: TRASHION is an official club of the Federation of Students in the University of Waterloo.