Model Management Team

Think of the Model Management Team the Mom and Dads of Project Trashion. They take care of each and every individual volunteering models in our organization. They will see through models’ schedules, audition processes, run workshops and assign models their divisions and pods within the show.

Model Management Director

As the Model Management Director, you will holistically oversee the whole Model Management Team.


What we’re looking for

o   You have experience in managing a large team

o   You have experience in creating a meaningful experience to volunteers

o   You are able to think creatively in high stress situations

o   You have experience in using excel

o   You have a great attention to detail

o   You are community-driven and a team-player

o   You understand the big picture, see ahead and plan for contingencies

o   You have the ability to gauge and judge deadlines

o   You are organized and able to delegate and manage people

o   You have excellent communication and interpersonal skills to gel the whole team



o   Lead and manage the Model Management team

o   Create S.M.A.R.T. goals and deadlines for the team to achieve

o   Create, plan, approve, and monitor schedules for the team and volunteering models

o   Organizing and scheduling timetables for volunteers

o   In-charge of hiring the Model Management team

o   In-charge of holding auditions

o   Collaborate and coordinate with other Directors on meeting objectives and goals

o   Create and ensure deadlines of all of the departments under you to be met

o   Build a strong relationship and channel of communication through compassion and leadership together with the team

o   Attend weekly Directors meeting

o   Run weekly Model Management team meetings